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43, Taurus, остров Амазонок, Фермодонт
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Important details of Aurora108
Sexual PreferenceStraight
Height5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
Weight100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
LanguagesRussian, English
Pubic HairTrimmed
What makes me horny
The strongest people are those who have found themselves.
Killed and resurrected countless times by their
internal struggle, they exude simplicity while remaining
a complex mechanism that is too tough.
Their sincerity resembles nakedness and defenselessness,
but it is worth touching their souls and you will feel all the power
protective armor with a taste of steel on his lips.
Their word, like a bullet flying right at the target, pierces your head,
changing your thinking in a split second and putting into it
something new, unknown to you before.
Their silence is deafening. Their smile is disarming.
There are no borders in them, but you will keenly feel yours,
as soon as you try to enter territory unknown to you.
They are everywhere and everywhere, but by themselves.
They see right through you because they see themselves.
They know how you feel
and how much you need to the last drop.
And if you are very lucky, you will meet them on your way.
It will be sweet and painful at the same time.
Will break as for the next dose.
It will destroy and bring you together.
This is a good sign that you are growing.
Even if you are blown apart like after falling from a high-rise,
they will always give you a hand and show you
something you haven't seen before.
The main thing is not to pass by. By such people.
You recognize them by their simplicity.
By a look that will disarm you
and bind stronger than any chains.
A. Hoffman
About me
I'm beautiful but terrible.
I'm harmless but dangerous.
Very brave, but cowardly.
I am unhappy but happy.
I am cold, but very burning.
Silent but screaming.
I am a blonde so all - black and red.
I am shy but shameless.
I found myself, but I'm lost!
I am sinless, but walking!
And I'm not me when I love.
I'll close the door for you - don't leave.
I will close the door for you.
I will never forgive you or I will.
No, I don't love you, or maybe I love you.
Am I satisfied with myself? Yes, I am satisfied with myself.
I do not need another - not like this, no.
I would be far from the earth, I - where the clouds.
I still don't understand where.
Well, tell me then, how can I live poor,
If I'm poor, but I'm rich?
I'm beautiful but terrible.
I'm harmless but dangerous.
Very brave, but cowardly.
I am unhappy but happy.
And I'm not me when I love.
What turns me off
I do not like assertive and arrogant,
Thinking that the world is open to them.
But I also do not tolerate very miserable,
Thus, the path to me is completely closed.

I'm afraid of rudeness and ignorance,
And it will push away an unimportant appearance.
When their socks, sorry, are not fresh,
When a man does not take care of himself.

I drive the illiterate right in the neck,
You can't build common themes with fools.
I am not shy from false promises,
And don't expect anything in return.

I despise the vulgar and do not believe
That love will speak in their soul.
I don’t get tired of big muscles at all,
My body is not flattered by attractiveness.

In a man I prefer wisdom, strength,
The character is firm, the breadth of the soul.
With such it is not scary to rush into the abyss,
He will protect and hide from the storm.
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Comments (130)
Ибо этот Кристалл позволяет как отдельно взятому человеку, так и всему человечеству в целом наблюдать за любым объектом или космическим действием одновременно с четырёх сторон. А также получать любую информацию, исходящую от Бога Отца Вседержителя, в режиме Божественной реальности, в режиме истины без вранья и искажения.
Amazing beautiful and Smiling women,great energy from this :)
Самая топовая девочка, сама милота, добрая когда добрая и самая довольная, когда самая довольная, хочется с её душой переплетаться, так радует безумно, очень чувственная малышечка, обожаю её всем сердцем и всем рекомендую не забывать делиться
__💘💘_____ Aurora108 ____💘💘
Princess show ZOOM FEETS pleasei need cumm ur sexy feet love princes cmon fast :feet990 :feet2 :feet_jerk
Красивая и приятная женщина.
beautiful and tasty
Ты женщина, ты кошка по нутру.
Умеешь быть и ласковой и жесткой.,.
Греша, не изменяешь ты добру.
Увы, нельзя совсем уж быть безгрешной.
Ты совратила тысячу мужчин,
Которые хотели б сбрызнуть семя.
Пускай хотят, краснеют и сопят..
Еще не подошло их время.
Найдется тот, который покорит.
Который будет ночи властелинов.
Твои душа и тело станут перед ним.
Податливым и нежным пластилином.
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